Can I bring my teenager on the tour?

Maybe. The content of the tour covers sex work, sexuality, burlesque, nightlife, and all sorts of vices. I would rate my delivery at about a PG-13 but the history is not sugarcoated. If you are comfortable with your children hearing this information, it's been a great experience for the families taking the tour. Please keep in mind that anyone under 21 may have difficulty accessing bathrooms along the route.

I do not take any guests under 12 years old.

I do not offer a “family friendly” version of the tour.

Is drinking allowed on the tour?

Of course! Light drinking is perfectly allowed and there is a bar stop on the tour. As long as the beverage is not contained in glass you can even carry it with you.

That being said if your drinking becomes a problem and you start doing things like taking off your shoes for some reason or passing out before we have left the first stop, I reserve the right to drop you off at a bar with no refund. I’m not going to drag your drunk ass around so you can ruin the tour for the folks who want to learn great history.

If you want to drink a little more on the tour or know your friends a little too well, you might want to try a private tour. If everyone is on the same page I am happy to hang out with the group for the remainder of the tour if that one friend gets a little too far gone.

I have mobility issues, can I take the tour?

Of course.

The regular tour covers 2 miles with one brief break outside of the regular stops. New Orleans streets can be a real challenge to folks using motorized chairs as many of the sidewalks do no have ramps, potholes are quite frequent, and many buildings were grandfathered in and do not follow ADA guidelines.

Please reach out in advance if you have mobility issues before the tour so I can familiarize myself with your needs so I can make the tour as accessible as I can for you.

I LOVE drag queens but don’t care about history and don’t want to do the tour. Can we hang out with me and my very drunk friends on a bus/at a bar/at our hotel?


Can you do a ghost tour for us?