Can I bring my teenager on the tour?

Maybe. The content of the tour covers sex work, sexuality, burlesque, nightlife, and all sorts of vices. I would rate my delivery at about a PG-13 but the history is not sugarcoated. If you are comfortable with your children hearing this information, it's been a great experience for the families taking the tour. Please keep in mind that anyone under 21 may have difficulty accessing bathrooms along the route.

Is drinking allowed on the tour?

Of course! Light drinking is perfectly allowed and there is a bar stop on the tour. That being said if your drinking becomes a problem and you start doing things like taking off your shoes for some reason or passing out before we have left the first stop, I reserve the right to escort you to a safer location and continue the tour with no refund.

Mobility Issues

The regular tour covers 2 miles with one brief break outside of the regular stops. If you use a wheelchair or struggle with walking in general, I do recommend reaching out and booking a private “walking light” version of the tour for your group. This version contains the same information but by necessity, does not include a couple of discussed locations and follows a route I know will be consistently accessible for you.